Monday, 30 May 2011

Ombre-ing my Hair

Hi guys!

I thought today I would share with you my experience with a branch of Headmasters in London when Ombre-ing my hair. As you would know if you follow me on twitter, you'd know that I had already tried to Ombre my hair at a much more expensive salon and because they were so used to catering for women trying to cover up greys or looking for a much more subtle dye, they failed to make it show up that much. So I decided instead to brave Headmasters, as I'd heard good things about it. I won't tell you which branch I went to just because it's quite local for me, but I imagine from what I've heard from my friends that they would also provide you with great service across the board.

Naturally I went in a little nervous - I was asking for half my head to go blonde and for it to be an obvious contrast haha! I sat down and was welcomed by the hairdresser I'd booked in with. Instead of standing and looking at my hair and face, she sat down next to me and we discussed for a while what I wanted. Immediately, unlike the other salon I went to, she knew what I was talking about when I mentioned dip-dye/ombre and I'd imagine that the salons are briefed on the popular styles of the moment. I showed her this picture of Alexa Chung because I was worried that I would have a re-hash of last time when I don't think the woman even knew what a dip-dye was. However I didn't ask for exactly this, her natural hair is much darker than mine, and there were a few things that I wanted different. Anyway, this was my most basic reference:

The first questions she asked included whether I wanted what were essentially highlights through the bottom of my hair or whether I wanted it to be a block colour (this is the one I went for as it's more obvious) and where I would like it to start - both sensible and neither asked of me before!

When she had begun looking at my hair, she asked what kind of tone we should go for - warm or cold. When I wasn't sure as to what my colouring would suit, she whipped out a sort of chart thing which she held up to my face, and it was clear that the cooler colours suited my skin far better.

As she began to pop the bleach (which is really the only thing you can use to get an immediate effect) into my hair, she was extremely careful to get it all in a straight line so I didn't have a wonky effect (she also had at some point asked me whether I wanted it to go further down at the back and whether I wanted the inner bit of my hair to be my normal colour - both of which I thought would not suit me as much). She wasn't particularly gentle but it wasn't unpleasant and I got on with my reading.

Whilst she was putting the bleach in my hair, she noticed that you can just about see where the failed dip-dye had been before and at the front there was a pretty noticeable line, and it was much higher up than we were doing it. She immediately offered to put some toner into my hair to cancel out that dye and return it to something similar to my hair colour - which worked perfectly and I now don't have two lines!

Eventually the bleach had done it's work and I was off to have my hair washed (all by the same lady). This was probably the most unpleasant moment, just because she was quite rough combing through my hair, but I'd imagine that would be an issue of the individual hairdresser and not across the board. However, I forgave her this because my hair turned out so well. She shampoo-d, conditioned and then toned my hair (to make it that cooler colour). Then I hopped up and was ready for my cut.

I'd explained I wanted it all one length and to just hit the shoulder - I didn't want too much off at all because I quite like my 'grown-out-bob' feel. She took only a few minutes doing this and it was the perfect amount off - she'd really listened. She also cut my fringe really well - making sure that it was rounded and still quite long so I didn't get that 'too-short-fringe' look that I hate on me.

After THIS (yes, there's more!), she asked me what kind of style I wanted it to be blowdryed in. Now I don't know about you guys, but I hate it when I come out of a salon and my hair is all flat against my head and not how I'd wear it at all. I explained I'd quite like it messy but still my natural straight state. She immediately popped back with a little sheet and I think it was 'Glamorous Grunge' or something like that that we went for. She basically added lots of texture with various products, didn't try dry it straight when it already is, and then with some straighteners clamped some sections randomly, which just gave it a little bit of mess
By this point I was practically in love, she'd done EXACTLY as I'd asked and more - I really wanted some straighteners to do her technique afterwards and am still thinking of investing in a pair! I was incredibly impressed, especially when hairdressers can sometimes get it SO wrong.

As I was paying, she filled out a sheet for me, with all the products she'd used on my hair from the shampoo to the styling products - although I realise this was a gimmick so that I'd buy some, I really loved some of the products and am planning on buying them (but that's another blogpost!). They also handed me this new client pack:

This included various deals such as half price off if I introduced a friend, their selection of blowdries they do (all rather lovely) and other bits and pieces. Although I know this is marketing, it is very good marketing, and I was so impressed with their attention to detail and how they show that they value you and want you to come back. I also happened to go to the salon on a Tuesday, when they do colour for half price, so both colour and cut came to £112. This may seem quite steep, but for both of these things, and with such good quality service, I think it's a pretty good deal for a hairdressers in London.

I know I've raved like a madwoman but I think finding a good hairdresser is such an important thing, because hair can go so badly wrong and is almost unfixable until it grows out when it does!

I hope that if some of you are looking for a hairdressers that you'll try a Headmasters near you, because as you can see, I was thoroughly impressed.

If you'd like to see the new hair (it's so hard to get good pictures because the flash tends to diffuse the colour much higher than it is) - check out this OOTD or my newest vid, the 13 Personal Questions Tag.

Lots of love guys!

UPDATE: I use a Herbal Essences hair mask on my hair - it's in red packaging and it's meant for dry and damaged hair - I only use it a couple times a week and on the bleached parts, not my whole head. However, as I have explained before I have naturally quite oily and shiny hair, so I have not had much problems with dryness. Apart from that I still do the original hair care that is in the My Hair video I did a while back

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  1. could you please post a picture of your hair, because I want to ombre my hair and I can't find any proper pictures of that hairstyle to show my hairdresser.